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With the After Action Review mobile app, you just need to reach in your pocket when you need us. AAR is a technology-led service, so keeping everything in one place and accessible anywhere, anytime is a key element of our service. 

Free Version

The AAR mobile app is FREE to download and offers users a number of core features for no cost.

Paid Version

Looking for a little more? Monthly subscriptions start at $7 per month. Please scroll down to learn more about the available services on each plan.


AAR App Features


Free App Features

Free Version

The AAR mobile app is FREE to download and offers users a number of core features for no cost. To get involved, simply download the app on Apple App Store or Google Play Store with absolutely no obligation to upgrade.

Upgrade for Premium Benefits

We offer four paid plans for users wishing to upgrade. Learn more about our Basic, Standard, Premium, and Premium Bundle plans below. All our paid plans are HIPAA-compliant, meaning your rights to privacy and security are fully adhered to.

24-Hour Lifeline Chat
(Include with the Premium and Premium Bundle)

Sometimes life can feel hard—and it’s even more challenging when you’re facing things alone. With the app’s 24-hour chat function, there’s always someone you can reach out to. Feel reassured and secure knowing we’re here to listen to you, whatever you may be experiencing.

Basic Dog Training

AAR offers free basic dog training at our local business locations. Whether you’ve adopted one of our emotional support rescue dogs or wish to train with a pet you already have. Use this free resource, based on the humane clicker training method, to strengthen your bond with your faithful companion. Additional support K9 support is provided to Premium and Premium Bundle Subscribers.

Online Weekly Meetings
(Include with the Premium and Premium Bundle)

Weekly meetings are curriculum-based with added discussion to practice. Trauma focused Yoga is included in the premium bundle or paid per session. All app users are welcome to join our weekly meetings, where we check in with one another and discuss what’s been going on for us. Make the most of this valuable resource to build a support network with other former veterans and first responders.

Basic- 7$

Our Basic monthly plan gives you all of our FREE services (described above) along with a number of other tools to help you manage your life and improve your mental health after serving your country.

Work-life Balance

Helps you distribute your time more effectively for improved well-being and better mental health. Understand how you use your time with an analytic graph. Track your priorities spending time with family or friends, contributions to society, and your hobbies to include fitness.

Mood / Symptom Tracker

Record changes and patterns in your mental and physical health, so you can get a better grasp of how you’re doing—and what you might need moving forward.

Daily Journal

Your personal diary for everyday life. Add text or use our voice recording option to log your experiences and emotions, record significant moments, and refer back to it at any time.

Medication Tracker

Keep on top of any daily medication you’re taking and never double dose—or skip a dose —again. Receive alerts on upcoming refills or expiration dates.

Spiritual Mindfulness

Access our practical mindfulness exercises and tips to decrease stress, anxiety, and negative thought patterns, and improve wellbeing. Get access to a daily 15-minute meditation recording to either start your day or relax before falling asleep.

Principle Re-Alignment

Over time with outside influences, we can become distorted on our core values and principles. Use or drag and drop (word) to prioritize what you prioritize as your core principles. Use this as a way to influence everyday decisions you are confronted with.

Standard - 29$

Our Standard monthly plan gives you all of our FREE and Basic services (described above) along with additional features to support you through your daily life.

Dopamine Tracker

Using studies, AAR has created a quantitative system to identify your pain/pleasure balance. Dopamine is a main driver that influences our daily habits whether positive or negative. By utilizing the tracker you can have a visual way to be introspective at the “why” as it relates to your behavior.

Habit Stacker

This easy-to-use habit tracker helps you achieve better consistency with regular tasks you need to carry out in order to achieve your maximum output. AAR does not focus on the achievable goals but rather on your long-term outputs by tracking your inputs. We do this by breaking down habits into their smallest forms and stacking them with already existing habits. It’s not a spirit, but a marathon.

Breathing Exercises

The simple act of modifying your breathing can have a direct and profound impact on your physiology—with incredible results!

Community Chat

Connect with like-minded people in the AAR community through our popular chat tool. Whether it’s a good day or a bad day, sharing with others is usually the right decision! Rediscover your comradery!

Fitness Tracker

Monitor your daily physical activity and achieve your exercise inputs with our high-performing fitness tracker, which incorporates a calorie counter, step counter, and more.

Heart Rate Monitor

Track your heart rate and pulse—extra helpful for monitoring stress and anxiety levels throughout the day. Use this feature which has a built-in behavior alert that lets you know when your cardio rate becomes too low or high do stressful situations. This will allow you to control or minimize reactive behavior which is common with individuals with PTS.

Sleep Monitor

Helps you build an accurate picture of your sleep duration and quality, by tracking sounds, movements, and behaviors while you’re asleep. Use this feature along with your medication tracker to rate whether your medications are helping.

AI Daily Coach

AAR provides an AI coach to carry out engaging conversations, providing an authentic, human-like coaching experience while using your input data to support you in reaching your best self. Your personalized AI coach is available 24/7 and will provide accountability.

Premium - 49$

Our Premium monthly plan gives you all of our FREE, Basic, and Premium services (described above) along with our Premium features, which include:

AI Records Review + Disability Plan of Action + Nexus Recommendation

AAR uses AI to review and summarized your medical records to provide you with the best plan of action for filing for SSD.

AAR + Dog Training Curriculum

Continue training your AAR rescue dog at home. You’ll use the clicker method to teach your dog to follow commands more obediently, using the three Ds: Duration, Distance, and Distraction.

AAR Cookbook

You are what you eat—what you put into your body can make a staggering difference to how you feel! AAR cookbook is geared to include ingredients to help heal the mind and body. Created by our professional chef the book contains delicious and nutritious recipes that are delicious and easy to create.

24 Lifeline

Sometimes you need somebody to reach out to, urgently. And we want to be there for you when you do. Our 24 Lifeline ensures there’s always someone to listen, whatever time of the day or night.

Premium Bundle - $749 (Insurance accepted)

Our Premium + monthly plan is partially redeemable our participating insurance providers or you may pay out of pocket based on your needs. It gives you all of our FREE, Basic, and Premium services along with our Premium Bundle features which include: 

Online Group Counselling

Receive professional counseling during group telehealth sessions with others who have had similar experiences to you (either regularly or as you need it; covered under our participating insurance providers). AAR has developed a curriculum that has been created to cover many topics from different treatment modalities, e.g. PTS vs PTSD, Substance Use disorders, Radical Acceptance, Core Principles and Values, CBT and ACT methods, Spirituality, Dopamine, and habits.

Weekly Online Yoga Sessions

Our trauma-focused yoga sessions are specially created for those experiencing anxiety and PTS. With a focus on trauma, spirituality, embodiment, and presence rather than the execution of poses, you’ll come away feeling more grounded and safer in your physical body.

Dog Training Support

When it’s not going so well with your furry friend, we’ll help break things down to get you back on track again.


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