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Here at After Action Review, we are former veterans who love America, adore the Constitution, and worship our stars and stripes flag. Our anthem? You got it—of course, it’s “The Star-Spangled Banner”. We are patriotic and proud to be U.S. citizens, right down to our very bones. 

Our passion for our country is what drives us to make our platform and services the very best they can possibly be. Because if we provide help for veterans, serving those who so thanklessly served our country, we can give something back to people who cared. It’s our way of saying “thank you, fellow American.” 

About Us

Our Vision

We know that our State provides well for its former veterans, providing financial assistance, housing, health care, disability compensation, educational opportunities, pensions, and more. And so it should be. 

What After Action Review offers is different—we strive to offer that sense of community, that camaraderie that may be lacking following a career in the military, firefighter, or law enforcement professions.  

Powered by the latest tech, our online platform serves as a friendly helping hand for anyone needing friendship and companionship after serving our country. 

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Upholding American Core Values

Pursuit of Happiness

The U.S. Constitution states that all Americans should be able to attempt to attain happiness in their own way. But AAC knows that experiencing traumatic experiences in the workplace can be a serious barrier to being happy—even if you were happy before. Through our resources, community, and supportive network, we help Americans uphold this core value and get closer to that happiness all of us deserve.


All Americans should be free to think, speak, and act as they choose—but as you well know, a life serving your country can lead to a feeling your liberties have been taken away. You may be living with a disability, or perhaps you’ve experiencing emotional or psychological issues that are holding you back. AAC’s services, like our K9 training program and 24-hour lifeline chat, are all about helping you get your freedom back.

Common Good

In our Constitution, we’re reminded that U.S. citizens are obligated to promote the welfare of the community in which they belong. As members of the veteran and first responders community, AAC is committed to working together with other community members, so that we can achieve a greater benefit for all. We consider it our duty to unite with the people we care so deeply about.


As the Constitution states, variety in culture, ethnic background, race, lifestyle, and belief are desirable and beneficial in a pluralist society. It goes without saying that every type of human is warmly welcome at After Action Review. We take pride in creating a multi-colored and varied community featuring members from all social backgrounds and with an abundance of different value systems and outlooks.


As Americans, we know and understand that we are all separate individuals who are responsible for our own life situations and our own destinies. However, when you’ve been dealt a hard blow while serving your country, we believe you need a helping hand in order to get back up again. No man is an island. We’re devoted to providing you with a warm new family, to engulf you in support and empower you in your individualism once again.


We’ve not been backwards in stating how devoted we are to our country. When we served as veterans, we felt truly honored to represent the U.S. at home and abroad. It was —and still is—our life’s purpose to serve man and country, come what may. Now we no longer hold our noble positions, we have turned our attention to assisting others like us, to continue upholding our patriotic values.

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AAR is committed to providing resources and support for personal growth and development. Please note that AAR is not a substitute for professional care, therapy, or medical advice. The information provided on this website is intended for informational and educational purposes only. It is not a replacement for consultation with qualified professionals. If you require medical or therapeutic assistance, please seek the guidance of licensed professionals. AAR does not assume responsibility for any actions taken based on the information presented on this website.